A yoga class everyone can follow

All of my classes use the wisdom of the Yoga Sutra (the formative text on the science of Yoga) as a base, and combine Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and Tantra with modern BodyMind therapy.





Classic Class

Our Classic Classes are a "living" thing. This means that our classes, although based on a familiar sequence of postures chosen especially for their healing ability, can range from gentle to power depending on who comes to class and what is needed in the moment. EVERYONE is welcome to this practice. Ayurveda Yoga is Yoga; it does not separate and includes everything. It is untouchable and yet changeable, and not stuck on any form.

Ayurveda Yoga's Classic Classes is appropriate for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, and bodies in all states of physical ability.

Gentle / Deep Relax

Using the philosophy of our classic sequence as our base, our Gentle / Deep Relax class takes place mostly seated and lying down, and may include other relaxation techniques like self-massage and longer resting in a guided Savasana / yoga nidra. 


Moving slowly we can become more conscious of the tension we may be carrying in our bodies and through deep relaxation be able to soften, become more comfortable, and let go. 


This class is open to all levels and can be especially good for silver-haired yogis and/or those recovering from injury. Feel free to bring a pillow and blanket with you to class to get really comfortable.

Power Classic

Using the philosophy of our classic sequence as our base, Power Yoga takes you even deeper with longer holds, dynamic movement and a few adaptations to melt your resistance, sweat away what's no longer needed, and make your body and mind light and re-energized.

Make heat, build strength and endurance, and discover big power hidden inside you! This class is open to all levels - doing as much as you can and resting when necessary is encouraged.

Hatha Yoga

The word 'hatha' ('ha' - sun and 'tha' - moon) refers to the practice of posture + breath that is used to bring balance and purity to the body and mind, allowing energies in our subtle body to flow more freely.


Our Hatha yoga classes focus on fundamental postures and are multi-leveled for you to choose the strength of your practice from day to day.

Practice with Me Online

All of my online classes are 2-way streamed, live and interactive, and have been especially adapted for online in ways that ensure safe and personalized instruction.

My online classes are currently running free of charge, with pre-registeration required. If you are interested in joining us, you can view the schedule, and register here.

On-Demand Yoga Class Videos

Every week I pre-record, edit and post a full length Hatha Yoga Class to my YouTube channel. These video classes can be considered a supplement to your regular home practice, or with me through my live, two-way, interactive classes. Access is possible through the website or on my channel, where you can freely access up to 50+ HD class videos, curated into multiple different categories so that you can choose your focus from day to day.

Those currently practicing at home with or without my class videos, are encouraged to get  personalized direction by contacting me for a free 15 minute video consultation.