Yoga for Relief from Headaches caused by Tension

In this short video I'll share two easy resting postures that I've found (through A LOT of personal experience - if you suffer from headaches you'll know what I mean) help to relieve pain caused by tension headaches. This works especially well for headaches caused by tension in the upper back neck and shoulders.

Using a hot water bottle (also known as a hot pack in some places) or rolled blanket I'll show you how to rest comfortably while releasing your neck and shoulders and opening in your chest. You can rest in these postures for up to 20 minutes have you have the time, but even a few minutes while consciously watching and releasing in the places in your body where you're holding tension will do.

I've also thrown in two extra postures for lengthening and the releasing the whole back side of your body that often helps me with my headaches! Remember; there is no "one size fits all" so keep experimenting to find which postures work for you.

Feel free to share your discoveries in the comment section below!