When you feel like you've lost your way

When you feel like you've lost your way just stop, slow down. Only then you'll be able to see one step in front of you. Then you can more clearly choose, "where am I going to put my next step?" And then the next one, and the next one.

When we feel depressed, what tools can we use to come out of it?

Come back to the moment

We can do this most easily by bringing your awareness back to your body and back to your breath. Try this simple breathing exercise (you can do this sitting, standing, or laying down - where ever you are!):

  1. First, close your eyes.

  2. Bring one hand to your belly and one hand to your chest.

  3. Watch, "how is my breathing right now?"

  4. Keep watching your inhale and exhale.

  5. As you inhale, feel your belly as it rises.

  6. As you exhale, feel your belly as it falls.

  7. Take 5 more deep breaths.

  8. When you're ready, slowly open your eyes.

Like this at anytime during your day, you can use your breath like an anchor to the present moment. Here and now, everything is okay.

Use what you are already carrying with you

Remember that at anytime you can start again. Just keep asking yourself the question, "who am I?" and if you feel confused, ask your teacher to remind you.

Use Mantra

When we use mantra we are using the mind to overcome the mind. Often our thoughts and feelings are coming from patterns so deep in our subconscious that we can't be aware of how they are dictating the direction of our lives. Repeating a mantra helps to rewrite these patterns by planting new seeds within the subconscious.

When you are feeling depressed, my teacher advises using the seed mantra "I am with good people." Repeat the mantra 20x in the morning and 20x before you go to bed, plus anytime during your day and day. Drop the mantra when it is no longer needed.

Live with happiness as your standard

Give yourself some extra love! Stretch out your body with a slow and mindful yoga class, or take a few minutes to enjoy some Ayurvedic self massage. Celebrate the small things by making yourself some delicious food and sitting down in a quiet space to experience every mouthful!

What are some of the other ways that help you regain your balance when you're feeling low? Comment below!