What do we mean when we talk about the 'BodyMind'?

If you've taken our yoga classes, at some point or another you would have heard us talk about the bodymind, but what does it really mean and how does the bodymind connect to the practice of yoga?

Through our general education of ourselves and our bodies we grow up viewing the body and the mind as two separate entities. Through our Western upbringing we may even feel more connected to our minds; viewing our minds as "us" and our bodies as a sort of donkey that transports us from point A to B.

When the donkey tires or objects, we become even further detached from our bodies and 'reject' the fallibility of the body's finite existence.


In Yogic philosophy the Body and Mind are seen not as two, but as one; the BodyMind. It can also be said the that the mind is the subtle form of the body and that the body is the gross form of the mind. What happens in the mind has an effect on the body, and what happens in the body has an effect on the mind.

We can easily see the truth of this in a simple way by recalling our own personal experience; when we feel embarrassed we may drop our gaze, when we feel confident we stand up tall, when we feel shy or depressed we tend to hunch over and make ourselves small.

We can also turn it around; when our body is physically unwell, often our mental and emotional state becomes disturbed or weakened as well. One part seldom occurs without the other.

"A certain posture makes a certain state of mind. A certain state of mind/emotion makes a certain posture." - Master Kim


Yoga starts by working on the body, and through work on the body it starts to work on the mind.This is why yoga is known as a truly integral practice that benefits both the physical body and the state of the mind.

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