Watch: Pregnancy & Yoga in a time of Corona

We spoke to our members, new mama Anna and dad Stephan, about their experience doing yoga online with us while pregnant and in isolation.

We met Anna and Stephan at the very beginning of lockdown when they joined our online classes, and they have been practicing with us almost every morning since!

The best part? Anna was about 12 weeks pregnant with her first baby when they started, and she continued to take our classic classes right up until giving birth about a month ago!

Following a steady and comfortable feeling in all postures, and by making slight adjustments to make space for the belly as it grows, yoga is totally possible for all bodies - including the pregnant body at any stage!

Please remember that everyone's experience of yoga, and pregnancy, will be totally different, and it's for this reason that it is always recommended that you practice with a teacher.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey!