Watch: Headstand to Arch pose with Megan

Megan shows us how to connect Sirsasana (Headstand) to Urdhva Danurasana (Arch pose). It's amazing to see what becomes possible through daily practice. Through diligent daily practice:

  • Postures like these become more and more steady and more and more comfortable.

  • Postures that may seem advanced like these build off of continuously practicing foundational postures every day.

*Disclaimers : The best (safe/traditional) way to learn yoga is with a qualified teacher in person. Also, whenever practicing, doing only as much as you can. If you feel pain, make sure to release whatever posture you are doing and rest enough.

Megan is a senior teacher and International Manager at Ayurveda Yoga Academy of Healing Arts in Daegu. To find out more or get in touch, visit Instagram or contact us directly. You can also enjoy more videos by Megan and others on Ayurveda Yoga Academy's official YouTube channel. Don't forget to subscribe!