The History of Ayurveda Yoga Academy of Healing Arts

The seed of Ayurveda Yoga Academy bloomed three decades ago in South Korea's third largest city of Daegu. What began as a place to discuss philosopy, arts and culture expanded into a community space for practitioners of therapy, yoga, and meditation.

Guided by Master Kim, and his 30 years of know-how, this space is now shared by a large community of both native Koreans and foreigners from all over the world who want awakened consciousness and transformation.

Ayurveda Yoga Academy’s signature course; The Healing Alchemy Leadership Course has produced more than 400 yoga leaders and remains a lifelong retreat for hundreds of members who continue to use the space for personal practice and inner transformation every day.

With its roots firmly in the tradition of yoga, Ayurveda Yoga continuously reflects the trends and culture of modern yoga, and constantly contemplates and studies the meaning of yoga that is proper for this time period and the role of the practitioner through activities such as yoga and therapy workshops, events, and offline gatherings.