Yoga Together & Lockdown Level 1: we've come a long way!

It's been 6 months since we first went into lockdown here in SA, and 6.5 months since our very first online yoga class, when eight friends and acquaintances met on Skype (remember Skype?) in the face of what would soon be announced to be one of the strictest lockdowns in the world.

Now that things are opening up a little more and people start slowly moving back into society, we're deep in contemplation about what the post-lockdown yoga landscape will look like.

How will yoga studios and practitioners choose to practice? What is in store for online yoga classes and offerings as we re-adapt to this new norm?

Yoga Together: The lotus that grew from muddy waters

Yoga Together (our virtual studio) was born and found its feet during a time when we could not meet each other in-person. As teachers and practitioners, going online allowed us to transcend physical boundaries of space and time.

It allowed us to connect and practice with others that we otherwise may never have met. Most notably, it allowed us to share our experience in the company of an international community, as we came to terms with what was going on a little closer to home.

This very human element made Yoga Together what it is! Reconfirming for us all the importance of being with good people as we grow our personal practice.

Reflecting on the relationships we've been able to cultivate, Yoga Together has exceeded any predictions we could have had going in. But that's not all;

  • This experience has forced us to keep re-defining for ourselves what the role of yoga is during this time period in modern day society.

  • We've had to reconsider our intentions as we continue to make a space for yoga in our own lives, in this city, country, and global community.

  • Moving classes onto a digital platform has introduced us to a wide array of benefits to practicing online and - to be weighed in the counterbalance - all the things we love about doing class together in-person.

  • Adapting for online made us reflect even more deeply on our classic class philosophy, and had us continuous ask ourselves, "what is needed now?"

What's in store for Yoga Together as we move to Level 1?

From Level 5 through to Level 2 we've tried to grow and expand in ways that continue to support those who take our classes, and that stay true to our core values of safety, consistency, and community.

Our adaption to Level 1 and beyond will be no different.

Yes, we are so excited to start re-establishing our in-person offerings, but we intend to do so in a way that can keep integrating with online. For example, if we're going on retreat to the Cederberg, we will look deeply into ways to bring our family at Yoga Together Online along for some sunset sessions with the expanse of the South African landscape as the backdrop!

Of course there will be many new things to consider, but we're committed, and this is the direction our intentions are set on! Which brings us to talk a bit more about what we've got planned for when we meet.

We can't wait to finally meet you!

Now that things are opening up and somewhat going back to normal, we have the opportunity to resume work on our in-person offerings!

  • Half-day / Full-day workshops and events: Starting with a special celebration of yoga and live music somewhere in nature.

  • Weekend retreats: The first of which is planned to take place in one of our all-time favourite places in South Africa, the Cederberg!

  • In-person group classes: at outdoor and (specially selected) indoor venues to be announced, with all safety concerns carefully considered.

  • In-person Yoga Personal Training: Get hands on (with protocols in place) with 1:1 sessions with the teachers at home or gym/studio venues to be announced.

You kept the flame burning, thank you!

The future is bright, and we owe so much of that to YOU. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the support you've shown us, for this practice, and towards our small business - especially during these most interesting of times. Even if you've never taken a class, but you're still here reading this blog post right now, we appreciate you!

May we all keep shining bright, together!