I've decided to make my classes publicly accessible, here's why

Last week I received a message to my inbox that stayed with me, and led to much deep contemplation.

The timing of this message couldn't have been more perfect either. Recently I've been reflecting a lot on the changes I feel are necessary for me to make in my own life in order for me to keep sharing well with others.

This month also marks 1 year since we took the leap and introduced our online class membership program. And A LOT has happened since then, including the the move to add video classes to our online offerings, as well as Estie and I's decision to start working separately.

I've always tried to make every decision, even the tough ones, based on what I felt best served the community (including the teachers) at the time. And now feels no different.

After receiving the message above, I felt the last bit of encouragement I needed to start focusing more of my energy towards the wider online community, and to start using YouTube with a little more intention.

As such, I have decided to start sharing my class videos publicly on my YouTube channel.

Putting myself out there was always going to be a part of the process of sharing yoga, as well as a big part of my personal practice, so this feels like a (scary? exciting? natural?) step in the right direction. Whatever may come from it!

Of course I hope people will find the benefits of practicing with me via video, but regardless of who watches, I'm also just looking at it as a big opportunities for me to share more without boundary :)

Doing class LIVE online will still remain my main service, and those who would like to experience my guidance and support on a more personal level (as well as the comradery of our online community) are still encouraged to join class live either as a drop-in when time allows or on a full membership!

If you are not already following me on YouTube, please subscribe to share in all the love!