How to take Yoga Classes Online

As the world moves over to the internet in the face of the Corona pandemic, we at Ayurveda Yoga in South Africa have taken our yoga classes online. It's not quite the same as going to a studio, but it comes with its own special benefits and considerations. Here are a few tips on how you can comfortably take a yoga class online.

Make your space

Cultivating a home practice can take some discipline, so it can help at first to designate a comfortable corner in your house for your daily practice. Set up your very own 'home studio' by de-cluttering the space, decorating with a few things you really love, and by keeping things you may need during practice close at hand!

If you are taking our two-way streamed, interactive, classes we also ask that you try to set up your space that allows us to see you on your mat so that we can personalize the instruction based on you and your body. Having your mat at a bit of a distance with the long side facing the camera tends to work best!

Set your schedule and stick to it

One of the challenges of keeping a home practice is discipline - getting on the mat every day even if it is just for a few minutes at a time. That's what is so great about taking class online! At a time when we are all forced to move our practice into our home, taking class at a set time every day / a few days a week can really help to keep you accountable!

There is strength in routine. Find one that suits you best and stick with it!

Choose the right class for you

There are three different types of yoga classes you can do online; pre-recorded video, one-way streamed, and two-way interactive. Depending on your needs and experience, one or a combination of these kinds of classes may suit you and your home practice best.

At Ayurveda Yoga, we offer two-way streamed, live, interactive online classes. The reason why we decided to do it this way is because I wanted to uphold the foundational principles of our Classic Yoga classes. All of our classes are an 'alive' thing, and therefore are adjusted based on who comes to class and what is needed in the moment.

We are also dedicated to upholding the highest safety standards. It is for this reason that we like to interact with our students before and after class, learn about each person's unique bodymind, and watch each posture carefully - offering further instruction and/or adjustments where necessary.

If you'd like to take an online class with us please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our teachers are always ready to answer any more questions you might have for us. We teach classes online Sunday to Friday, 7am, 10am and 6pm South African Standard Time (GMT+2). Everyone is welcome.