How to set up your very own Home Yoga Studio

Cultivate your personal yoga practice by designating a special spot in your home to make your very own 'home studio'. Here are a few ideas to inspire you to make your own space!

Size is not important

Don''t be discouraged if you don't have a whole room to spare to make your space, an open corner in a room you already use will do! The idea is not so much just about designating a separate space for your practice, but more about bringing your place for practice more and more into your life!

Less is more

The keyword here is: space. Clear your area for practice of anything you don't need. Pack away and organize any clutter you don't use during your day to day, especially things that might divert your attention. Give yourself enough open space roll out your mat and practice comfortably without feeling restricted by the objects around you.

If you have limited space, don't feel despondent. Use this as a time to assess whether that bookshelf / coffee table / decorative vase really needs to be there or not. Reorganizing and scaling down might be just the thing you need to breathe new energy into your space and the conscious use thereof!

Fill your space with things that make you feel good

This point goes hand in hand with the one above. Following the expert advice of Marie Kondo ask yourself, "does it spark joy?" If the answer is yes, absolutely bring it into your space of practice. If you have a shelf or table, why not even make a personalized shrine? Bring the natural elements into your space; decorate with plants, stones, pictures or paintings that bring a happy and peaceful aura to your surroundings.

Consider the seasons

As a general rule, the space you choose for practice should be comfortable and temperate. I always favour a space with ample natural light and warmth from the sun but if you're limited, think of other ways in which you can bring warmth into your surroundings.

Invite warm, comforting colours into a space that feels a little cold, and cool, refreshing colours into a space that gets a lot of sun. If it's cold where you are, invest in a warm and cozy blanket to keep in arms reach of your mat. Decorate with carpets and drapes. If it's warm, open and air the space out; favour light dressings and less 'stuff' in general.

Keep your space clean

One of the Niyamas (healthy habits for living that support practice) of Yoga is Saucha or 'cleanliness'. This applies not only to bodily hygiene and purity of mind but to the purification of your space as well.

Keep your home studio clean and free of any clutter. Unclean or messy environment can easily have a subconscious effect on your psychology. Physical clutter = mental clutter. Clean regularly and consider bringing alternative tools for cleansing into your space; invest in a diffuser, light a non-toxic candle or burn some incense.

Expand your practice

A yoga practice is not something that is meant to be separate from life; it's a way of living! Don't be shy to bring more than just your Asana (physical) practice to your mat. Use your space for reading, reflecting, writing, drawing, self-massage, study, rest and general unwinding, etc, etc, etc!

I'm the kind of person who LIVES on my mat. I've even given up my desk in favour of a crate that I can pull up to my mat to rest my laptop on when ever you need. Some may argue that work stuff should be kept off the mat, but I can without shame admit to working from my mat 70% more often than I do from a desk and I LOVE taking breaks to do headstand or rest in Savasana!

Take a Class from the Comfort of your very own Home Studio

Now you've got the space, now comes the doing part of practice. If keeping a home practice in the beginning is difficult, no problem! You can now enjoy professional yoga instruction online from the comfort of your own home.

At Ayurveda Yoga Africa we offer Yoga Together Online classes from Sunday to Friday, open to all levels! Get involved in our online yoga community and share practice with practitioners from ALL OVER THE WORLD. For more information don't hesitate to get in touch!