Tips for sticking to your online yoga class practice

Now that we as a world society have moved things online there can be this common misconception that it's easier. You know, because you don't have to do a commute, you can sleep in a little later, or roll onto your yoga mat in your pajamas and just press a button on your laptop.

Sure, in some ways it is easier. But let's not forget that an online practice still requires self-discipline, it still requires consistency, and it still requires personal commitment. These are the real things that make building new healthy habit difficult - whether it be yoga, or otherwise.

It's not how far you have to drive or how early you have to get up - we're still dealing with the same mind. The mind that wants to sleep in, or make excuses, or follow its old habits. So. What can do?

When it comes to building a consistent home yoga practice with online classes, I'll share just 3 of my own suggestions;

1. Make the decision ahead of time.

If you're planning to come to an early morning class, before you go to bed confirm your decision to yourself ~ maybe even go as far as laying out your clothes for the next day. We are the most vulnerable first thing in the morning when it's easiest to talk ourselves out of things before we're even fully conscious! Wake up, and say "YES!".

2. Commit, and voice your commitment.

Things like class pre-registration can help you to set your mind to your practice. Let the teacher know when you plan to come to class and what your goals are. As a teacher I LOVE this kind of communication. It allows me to support and guide towards those goals and know when to check in if there's been a long absence.

3. Make your space.

At a studio we take time to make the space so that everyone feels welcome and comfortable. At home, you can greatly benefit from doing the same! Take at least 10 minutes before class to sweep the floor, adjust the lighting, and remove anything that might distract your attention. Doing yoga in the same space & same time everyday can also help you build a steady practice!

Anything I've left out that helps you keep a diligent home practice? Feel free to share!