3 Ways to do Yoga Online

As the world moves to digital you might be wondering, how can I take my yoga practice online too? Well, there are a few different options. Read below to find out what kinds of online yoga classes there are and what class type is best for you.

Generally you'll find classes offered online in the following formats, each with their own benefits and set backs. Depending on your needs and experience, one or a combination of the following online yoga class types may be good for you:

  • Video Upload: this is a pre-recorded video uploaded to be watched online or to be downloaded to watched later. Yoga Videos offer versatility because they can be watched at any time of the day. However, yoga class videos tend to be focused on a 'general' audience and therefore can lack the personalization you may require for your practice. Some may be available free of charge, typically uploaded to YouTube or another platform for video. Others may be charged at a small rate per video or per subscription.

  • Live One-Way Streaming: this is a online yoga class set at a particular time and on a certain platform (commonly on Zoom). The teacher instructs the class the class in real time and may or may not be able to see the students during class. This kind of class others students a little more interaction, but is still limited. This is a common format used by many yoga studios who have had to move their services online for the time being. Prices range from per class donations to set fees or memberships.

  • Live and Interactive Two-Way Streaming: similar to the class format above, two-way streamed classes take place at a particular time and on a certain platform. The teacher instructs class live, while watching the students on the screen and giving personalized instruction based on what he or she sees the students may need in that moment. These kinds of classes generally cost more the the classes above due to their interactive nature. This kinds of classes also tend to be safer than classes where the teacher cannot watch students and ask about their unique bodies and abilities.

At Ayurveda Yoga Africa, we're committed to offering online yoga classes that uphold the same quality and safety standards of our classic in person classes. Our classes are live, with interactive two-way steaming, taught by experienced teachers that are practiced in giving clear instruction fitted to this new online environment.

If you'd like to take an online class with us please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our teachers are always ready to answer any more questions you might have for us.