Focus can change your destiny

When things become busy with multiple “to do” lists, it’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed. Stretch that feeling over an extended period of time and maybe we end up dropping everything for our own sanity.

That’s why when things get busy I always come back to the same simple analogy;

Imagine you’re juggling. Some of the balls in the air are made of rubber, and others are made of glass. If the rubber balls drop, they simply bounce back and you can pick them up again later, but the glass balls cannot be dropped or they will break!

The trick then is knowing; of all the things you need to do, which are glass balls (totally fundamental) and which are rubber?

Now this in itself might be different to clearly ascertain if you haven't already set yourself a direction, or focus in life. And this, as my teacher has said so many times before it finally hit home for me, if why knowing what you want and where you're going is so fundamental to actually getting there.

Have you ever heard me in class say, “use only the parts of your body that you need to in order to make the posture”? It’s the same in yoga as it is in life! If we can relax the parts we don't need to be using we can save our energy and redirect it.

From a physical, energetic, and mental perspective this is one way in which we build stamina and endurance.

If we become aware of where we are focusing our energy and grow our ability to watch carefully that our energy is being directed towards what we really want, we learn how to use our energy with a little more intention.

Then more than stopping what we were doing when it gets difficult, we can relax in the activity instead. More than giving up, we simply take a rest without letting the fire burn out completely.

As with yoga asana (postures), "to-do" lists, and life, we can;

1. Focus our energies by resting when we need to rest, without giving up or stopping completely.

2. Learn what is fundamental (our ‘glass balls’) to maintaining our mental health day to day and make that a part of our daily practice. This could be as simple as getting up at the same time every day, eating regular meals, taking walks, connecting with loved ones, or prioritizing time for yoga and self-reflection. The important thing is acknowledging that this is what YOU need in order to feel good and life with happiness as your standard.

⭐ 3. Watch, “where is my focus now?”. Remember that where our thoughts go, our energy flows! If we grow our ability to watch, we can more quickly catch when we're spending our energy on things that are unnecessary in the bigger picture of things.

Where is you sending your energy lately? Is it in line with the direction you want to live your life?