Coming back to your Center: Your personal Toolbox for Well-being in 2021

The holiday season is upon as, with the new year gently kicking at its heels. It's been a weird one, this 2020, but not one to be written off entirely.

If anything, what 2020 has taught us (and what 2021 will surely see the effects of), is the importance of living in the moment. It's our human condition to want to plan and control and have expectations for the future satisfied, but what we've had to learn the hard way is that this mode of existence is unrealistic, and often leads us to suffering.

Thankfully this year has also given us the opportunity to practice letting go of our expectations of the future, and to come back to the present moment - the only place we really have some form of control.

"Do what you can do now," as my teacher always said, "and the future will work itself out by itself." And what we have done is adapt our practice in accordance to the present circumstances. We took yoga online, we made community, and we kept sharing tools to come back to the present moment online, offline with those near us in South Africa, and afar.

We hope that where ever in the world you are this holiday season, that you remain happy and healthy. And on the days that you don’t (because it happens) that you’re able to quickly come back to your center using all the tools you’ve practiced with so diligently over the past year.