Bring Sally Up 30-Day Squat Challenge

Congratulations to those who participated in our 4 -Minute Plank Challenge over the last month! Our next challenge is a favourite; the Bring Sally Up Challenge!

Set to the soundtrack “Bring Sally Up” we’ll focus our challenge on squats this month. As the song says, “bring Sally down”, lower into the squat. As it says, “bring Sally up” release to standing.

Squats are a great way to build our strong base. They are considered a fundamental movement good for joint health, hip mobility, strength building and improved posture. It also requires a lot of core work which builds mental and physical power and endurance.

  • Form: Stance will vary slightly from person to person, but generally you can stand slightly wider than hip distance apart, with your toes slightly turned out. Your spine should be neutral, shoulders back, chest open, gaze forward. Make sure you keep your heels down and keep them planted throughout the move. You can clasp hands in front of you for balance if you need.

  • Intensity: If squats start to become too difficult, you can finish out the song doing either leg lifts or push ups, or resting if you need to. The idea is doing as much as you can!

  • Progress: Every day keep a personal record of how far into the song you were able to come before switching, and try to add a few more seconds the next day.

  • Safety & precautions: Lower into the squat only as far as you feel no pain. If you have knee pain/injury take a rest or try an alternative exercise.

Resources: Bring Sally Up song with timer >