Becoming stopped in the moment

If we look at our lives as a curriculum for advancement towards higher consciousness, we may be able to better accept our circumstances and our experiences as they come up - not as good or bad, nor something to reject or cling to - just as something necessary for our own personal growth.

As our teachers Master Kim and Nirvikalpa reminded us in class this weekend; limitations are there for you to come to understand something in order to move beyond. All situations, pains in your body, relationships - this is your homework.

Of course you can choose to reject your current circumstance - when things are difficult or painful, this is general human nature. However, the things you reject, you will keep attracting until eventually the lesson is learnt. This is the true nature of existence.

And so through yoga, we practice being stopped. In life, as in asana we stop and watch what comes up. If there’s discomfort, without rejection nor judgement, we take a deep breath and gently melt a little deeper.

We become stopped in the moment, simply watching the wave come and go.