Back Bends: Adjustments for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints we get from students both new to yoga or who have been practicing for some time. Whether it is a chronic pain or arising from everyday wrong posture that causes back pain, it's important that your yoga practice does not further exacerbate the problem.

Try these easy back bending alternatives until your back pain is relieved.

Instead of Cobra Pose, try Sphinx Pose

Instead of Bow Pose, try interlocking your hands behind your back, pressing your feet down and lifting your chest up

Instead of Arch Pose, try Fish pose

Use these posture alternatives until your lower back becomes more comfortable. Remember that there is no "one-size fits all" when it comes to yogasana (physical postures). Taking YOUR body into account, experiment, be conservative and most importantly, enjoy the process!

Michellé D'Almeida is a yoga teacher and student of Ayurveda Yoga Academy with5 years of teaching experience. She is also Founder of Ayurveda Yoga Africa and co-founder of Ayurveda Yoga Africa's Online branch: Yoga Together Online.

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