As Covid-19 hits South Africa, we're moving our practice online

If you follow me on Social Media, you may already have known that I was on my way to Mpumalanga (Eastern Province of South Africa) this weekend to lay the ground work for Ayurveda Yoga's first official Retreat in Africa. But cancelled travel plans leave plenty of time for Epsom salt soaks, clay masks and in detail leg shaving so thanks Covid-19, I guess?

On a more serious note, take care of yourselves and others as we face this thing, guys.

Stress puts huge burden on the immune system so find ways to (safely) de-stress how and when you can.

While it seems that if you're young and healthy you are not at risk, extend your understanding to those who are older and have pre-existing conditions that put them at higher risk - from the viewpoint of what they are going through psychologically.

The question right now is not whether this thing is worth the panic it's causing or not, the fact is, right now, people are feeling fear and people are feeling panic, so how - together - can we resolve that?

Over the next few days I'm going to set up a community online yoga class - at no charge - so that people can use it as a platform to come together and build physical and mental strength.

I'll also be looking at ways to encourage others to look at online as a way to share and support our communities using the skills they currently have available.

If you have any ideas or want to get involved, please get it touch ♡. My gran who is watching the South Africans repatriated from Wuhan get off the plane in up country right now, said to me just moments ago;

"It's in emergency that South Africans really shine. I'm proud to be South African during this time."

We got this guys. My love goes out to all ♡