All postures include all postures

Chin stand is not a part of my daily practice. In fact, until less than a year ago, I had not been able to come into the posture at all. Even during periods of 'peak intensity' in my practice - while doing personal training with my teacher and participating in Ayurveda Yoga Academy's Body Design course.

Honestly, I had kind of just accepted that maybe the posture wasn't possible for my body.

Maybe the fact that I can come into the posture now is due partly to this 'letting go of effort' or letting go of desire.

Maybe some change in my mind or attitude allowed me to slip into the posture - to my own surprise - one sweltering hot evening in my little grass hut on the island of Bohol in the Philippines.

And then suddenly, like magic, I could do it.

"All postures include all postures." - Master Kim

I've practiced chin stand maybe once since that time in the Philippines. Despite what you might expect from a very bendy yoga teacher, my daily practice includes the classic class sequence - with postures not much different from the ones we share in class.

And yet on the day that this picture was taken, having not practiced the posture in months, I came into it feeling stronger and more controlled than ever.

This is the power of repetition. The power of classic. The power of traditional yoga.

"Classic Class uses about 20 important postures which are the most basic and powerful among the 84 million asanas that exist. Through repeating these postures regularly in a steady and comfortable way you can come back to the moment.  And with that you will experience the benefits of yoga like a gift (posture correction, healing, weight management, physical and mental well-being, etc.)."

~ Ayurveda Yoga Academy of Healing Arts