• Jenna

A beautiful smile is uninhibited

People are born with different shades of dentin. That means that some teeth are naturally more off-white in appearance. Teeth, just like skin pigment, can vary in shade. It is natural for the dentin under our tooth’s outer layer of enamel to be an off-white/yellowy colour, and as we age and our enamel thins, our teeth show more of that dentin colour. It is perfectly natural not to have a white smile. So why do we make a white smile the beauty standard?

To me a beautiful smile is an uninhibited smile from the heart. At my daily grocer, there is a cashier missing a front tooth. She always grins at me with the biggest, warmest smile; smiling from not only her mouth but her eyes too. For me, she has the most beautiful smile. She is not concerned about her missing tooth, she emanates warmth without anything holding herself back. So why do we concern ourselves with having white teeth like the people that we know have been edited on magazine covers?

While brushing teeth with charcoal and coconut oil pulling can help make teeth look whiter, we must learn to accept the natural shade of our teeth as beautiful as it is. Today’s beauty standards in media have set a standard that is unattainable and photoshopped. We cannot keep up with this standard. While avoiding caffeine and natural colourants will help keep a whiter appearance, white teeth are not the be all and end all. Why not accept the beauty in a natural, healthy smile? Accepting beauty in every healthy smile, that is my challenge to you!