30-Day 4-Minute Plank Challenge

Congratulations to those who participated in our 1 -Minute Burpee Challenge over the last month! Our next challenge is one of the originals; the transformative 4-Minute Plank!

The 4-minute plank takes me back to my school at the studio in Korea where we all knew, if our teacher put Let it Be on to play, it was time to plank until we heard those last sweet words of the song...

Plank is in itself an incredibly powerful posture for transformation in the body (and life). It targets the abdominal and core; our center for personal strength and sense of purpose and self-worth.

From a physical perspective: Strengthening the core helps to stabilize, balance, and power the body during just about every other activity and or posture.

On an energetic level this posture also increases stamina, endurance and mental and emotional strength. It helps you gain the power to pull the things you want in life towards you, and gives you the guts to say "no" to anything that does not align.

  • Form: Plank should be practiced with your hands beneath your shoulders, fingers spread and pressing down. Bring your body into one straight line (neck included) and press through your heels to activate your legs. Buttocks should be in line with the rest of your body - dropping it too low can cause instability and back pain, and keeping it too high means you aren’t using your core and may be putting too much weight in your arms!

  • Intensity: If plank becomes difficult you can try coming into the posture with your legs slightly wider apart, or you can bring your elbows to the ground for forearm plank.

  • Progress: Every day keep a personal record of how far into the 4 minutes you were able to keep your plank, and try to add a few more seconds the next day.

  • Safety & precautions: If you have shoulder or wrist pain during plank then I would recommend bringing your elbows to the ground to make your base bigger, or to release the posture and rest instead. Long holding in plank is also not appropriate during pregnancy as it may put stress on the abdominal wall.

Resources: Let It Be soundtrack by the Beatles >