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"How can I help you

to integrate Yoga

into your life?"

Michelle  D'Almeida

Yoga Teacher | Creator at

Ayurveda Yoga Africa


Co-founder at

Ayurveda Yoga Africa's online branch:

Yoga Together Online

More About Me

Graduate, Leadership Healing Alchemy Yoga Teacher Training course 300 Hour

(21st Semester, 2015)

Assistant, Leadership Healing Alchemy Yoga Teacher Training Course

(22nd Semester - 27th Semester, 2016 -2019)

Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda Yoga Academy

2016 - 2019

Student, Supervision: Healing Alchemy Level 2

2016 - Current & continuous

Student, Continued Education for Yoga Teachers

2018 - 2019

Other courses: Thai Massage, Massage for Yoga, Joint Release 1 & 2, Reflexology 1 & 2,

Massage for Neck & Shoulders

Michelle D'Almeida

Yoga Practitioner / Yoga Teacher / Forever Student

Creator of Ayurveda Yoga Africa

I've been away for awhile! Now I'm back in Cape Town, South Africa and am ready to share the practice that has transformed my life in a way that is unique to the South African landscape, but solid in its Eastern foundations and yogic tradition of direct teacher to student transmission.


Ayurveda Yoga Africa provides a platform for sharing foundational tools shared with me by my teachers over more than five years of study and practice at Ayurveda Yoga Academy of Healing Arts in Daegu, South Korea. 

At Ayurveda Yoga Academy I gained theoretical and practical experience teaching yoga in many situations and to all levels (Yoga 1:1 Personal Training, Classic Class, Power Classic, Gentle Classic, Kid’s Yoga), with a special emphasis always on safety, diligent PRACTICE, and SELF-STUDY.

It is a testament to those years of work on my myself that I am able to build and connect with others today, and it is this understanding that keeps me dedicated to the boundless cycle of practice and sharing.

I remain an eternal student of Ayurveda Yoga and the healing arts, even from across the seas. And forever remain in absolute gratitude to my teachers for awakening and lovingly directing the fire of my soul.

I dedicate the sharing of this practice to them.


I got Michelle recommended to me by a friend of mine, and to tell you the honest truth, I started out very sceptical about yoga. But after spending 6 weeks with me, she (Michelle) has completely changed my mind about yoga. I have completely fallen in love with the practice. It has brought a positive change in my life, not just on a physical level but on a mental level. It has seeped into my business, into my personal life, everywhere. It’s just been an absolutely amazing journey, and I couldn’t recommend Michelle enough for anybody who wants some positive change in their life.

Thys Potgeter, 1:1 Personal Training


Read more on my blog:

Go on a Journey

Of inner and outer transformation

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