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Hi! I'm Michellé - Yoga Teacher, and Manager of this page.


I studied yoga with my teachers at Ayurveda Yoga Academy while living in Daegu, South Korea. I was there for 5 years before moving back to my home town of Cape Town, South Africa - this was where I started Ayurveda Yoga Africa - our first branch in Africa, and developed my online offerings through Yoga Together Online.

I teach yoga, yes, but I also do everything else you see here - video production, website, branding and design, all self-taught! 


Classes and Teaching

My classes are classic in style.

It’s important to me to teach in a way that prioritizes safety and accessibility. No matter what body you're in, you can practice yoga.

Yoga is not just the thing we do on our mats. If practiced diligently over an extended period of time, you will experience; the profound impact yoga has on your body and mind, a deeper connection to your Self and, a change in your relationship with yourself, others, and the world around you.

You will experience two sources of guidance on your journey to Yoga with me.

1. From the 'outer teacher' - that's me!

This is someone who is trained and firmly grounded within their own practice, that can sense the energy flow through the body, who understands how the body works (and that all bodies are different), knows where the risk of injuries lay, and can offer you alternative postures and/or modifications if and when necessary.

2. From your very own inner teacher - maybe you've already met? ;)

This is where you - having awakened your senses - use your physical sensations, careful watching and understanding of your emotional states, and knowledge through practice to find what feels right to for you.

Because the mind - especially at first - can be a trickster, both the outer and inner teachers are needed for practice.

As a practiced 'outer teacher' I will guide you to:


  • become more aware of how you move and position your body

  • use tools to unlock the power of your breathe - both to create relaxation as well as give you physical and mental strength

  • feel more into your being - you are not accidental, without you something fundamental would be missing from the universe!

  • practice moving into stillness, both on your mat and in your every day life



My promise to you:


I believe that 'outer teachers' require a strong foundation in order to guide others in yoga. This is why I remain committed to my own personal practice, to developing my understanding of bodies and how they work, and to studying and drawing from the ancient texts on yoga philosophy and literature.

My recommended reading list includes;

  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

  • The Bhagavad Gita

  • Ayurveda and the Mind | David Frawley

  • Your Body Speaks Your Mind | Deb Shapiro

  • Spontaneous Healing | Andrew Weil

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Owner & Manager, Ayurveda Yoga Africa

(2019 - Present)


Yoga Teacher, Yoga Together Online

(2020 - Present)

Personal Trainer, Ayurveda Yoga Africa

(2019 - Present)

Instructor / Video Editor, Ayurveda Yoga with Michellé Available now on YouTube

(2020 - 2021)



Graduate, Leadership Healing Alchemy Yoga Teacher Training course 300 Hour

(21st Semester, 2015)

Assistant, Leadership Healing Alchemy Yoga Teacher Training Course

(22nd Semester - 27th Semester, 2016 -2019)

Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda Yoga Academy

2016 - 2019

Student, Supervision: Healing Alchemy Level 2

2016 - Current & continuous

Student, Continued Education for Yoga Teachers

2018 - Current & Continuous

Other courses: Thai Massage, Massage for Yoga, Joint Release 1 & 2, Reflexology 1 & 2,

Massage for Neck & Shoulders