A yoga class everyone can follow

Using the wisdom of the Yoga Sutra (the formative text on the science of Yoga) as our base, Ayurveda Yoga combines Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and Tantra with modern BodyMind therapy, with an aim to unify the body and mind and in so doing, transform the individual, society, and world. 




About Ayurveda Yoga Classes

Ayurveda Yoga classes are a "living" thing. This means that our classes, although based on a familiar sequence of postures chosen especially for their healing ability, can range from gentle to power depending on who comes to class and what is needed in the moment. EVERYONE is welcome to this practice. Ayurveda Yoga is Yoga; it does not separate and includes everything. It is untouchable and yet changeable, and not stuck on any form.

Ayurveda Yoga offers Cape Town a more approachable style of yoga that is appropriate for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, and bodies in all states of physical ability.