Offerings & Services

I have a BIG VISION for AYURVEDA YOGA AFRICA RETREATS and I'm building slowly and steadily until the day that it's ready to be shared with you.


In the meantime, I'd love to share the following with you;

Business Title

Work directly on YOUR body to achieve YOUR goals

  • A yoga practice tailor made FOR YOU

  • Packages range from Online Yoga PT / Blended Online & In-Person / In-Person

  • Perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners

  • Practice in the comfort of your own home or select location

  • Work on diet, posture, strength and healing

  • Set your own goals and pace

  • Work holistically with the teacher to guide you every step of the way

Group Personal Training

Personalized Practice for Small Groups

  • Detailed instruction for small groups of two or more

  • Perfect your you and your partner / group of friends / work colleges

  • Practice in the comfort of your own home, office, or selected space

  • Enjoy yoga as a practice for bonding and sharing

  • Learn more about the push - pull of relationship

1:1 Yoga Online Classes

Live, Personalized Instruction Anytime, Anywhere

  • Classes to suit your schedule

  • Posture and sequence modifications to suit your body & goals

  • Individualized instruction & attention

  • Consultations on wellness levels, personal practice, diet, & lifestyle at the start of every class

Pop-Up Classes (Coming Soon)

Offered at Specially Selected Venues

Do you have a business venue with space to make higher vibrations?
Do you cater to a health conscious clientele?
Contact me directly to arrange pop-up yoga classes at your location!
Weekly, Monthly, and Seasonal schedules possible.

Half-day Ayurveda Yoga Workshops
(Coming Soon)

Take Yoga beyond the mat

  • Open to groups of 4 or more

  • Half-day Ayurvedic programs that integrate yoga asana, breath and meditation with the power of the South African landscape

  • Healing Ayurvedic meals included

3 day - 2 night Ayurveda Yoga Africa Retreat
(Coming Soon)

"Africa is not just Africa, it's Ahh... Ahh... Ahhfrica"

- Master Kim, Ayurveda Yoga Academy of Healing Arts

“Ahh” ~ finding myself
“Ahh” ~~ that expansive feeling
“Ahh”~~~ welcoming sudden enlightenment

Contact me directly for more information