Our School of Yoga: Ayurveda Yoga Academy

"Yoga is not you learning something new,

but watching what you are doing now.

Sincerely watching what you are already doing."

Master Kim,

Ayurveda Yoga Academy of Healing Arts

South Korea




Two decades of excellence in the study & practice of Yoga

Ayurveda Yoga Academy of Healing Arts is a community space in South Korea's third largest city of Daegu. Its doors opened in 1990, with the guidance of Master’s Kim's 30 years of know-how, and has since grown to support two locations in the city with plans to build an Ashram in the coming years. The space is shared by both native Koreans and foreigners from all over the world who want awakened consciousness and transformation.


With its roots firmly in the tradition of yoga, Ayurveda Yoga Academy continuously reflects the trends and culture of modern yoga, whilst constantly contemplating and studying the role of the practitioner and the meaning of yoga that is proper for this time period. Our school offers yoga classes, workshops, courses in massage therapy and other healing modalities, as well as various levels of in-depth teacher training programs.

Ayurveda Yoga Academy’s signature teacher training course in Healing Alchemy has produced more than 400 yoga leaders and  is packed with the essence of all therapy and practice programs at the Academy. The Healing Alchemy Course, which is a lifelong retreat for all of us from a community perspective, continues to evolve thanks to our members who are committed to inner growth and balance of life.

Enrollment to The Healing Academy Course which now takes place both in-studio at Ayurveda Yoga Academy, South Korea and online via Zoom, is open. If you want transformation on a fundamental level - with effects reaching widely and deeply into all areas of your life - you can learn more about the school and the courses offered here, or contact Ayurveda Yoga Academy directly.